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Navaneeth N. Kini & Co., was set up in Jan 1998 as a chartered accountancy firm to render audit and taxation services.

In Jul 2000, the firm was merged with M/s Patel & Deodhar, a Mumbai based CA firm to become Bangalore branch of the said firm.

In Apr-2003, Bangalore office of M/s Patel & Deodhar, with its staff and infrastructure split and reconstituted as Navaneeth N. Kini & Co. to carry of the profession of accountancy.       Readmore...

Navaneeth N Kini


  • Born on 14th April, 1970
  • Qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1995
  • Articles with M/s C. C. Chokshi & Co., Mumbai (member firm of Deloitte)
  • Worked for initial 3 years with M/s Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Ltd.
  • Set up Navaneeth N. Kini & Co. and today leads the same.
Name of the proprietor Navaneeth N. Kini
Membership no. 102412
Firm regn. no. 010175S
Established in Jan-1998